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Puppies body is delicate
Choosing a German Shepherd Puppy for Schutzhund
In all breeds, the dog's pedigree is the main ingredient on determining the potential of the puppy. Schutzhund is working lines. The generation of dogs that have proven it-self and produced a similar quality in their offspring. These qualities include the physical structure, which is very important and naturally the temperament.

Choosing the correct bloodlines from which you want your puppy surely will require knowledge in the study of the dog's pedigree. The breed surveys may help but it should not be the main focus of your selection. You should contact a reputable and experienced Schutzhund handlers or breeder to help in this process.

Once you have selected the preferred bloodlines of the potential dam and sire, you should study the parents, the mother in particular. The mother will guide the pups in the early stages between 4 to 6 weeks of the puppies early life stage. This is a crucial start in the characteristics of the puppies personality and the character in the years ahead. If the mother is unstable and nervous, the chances are this negative habit will show up on the offspring's.

If you are able to observe the litter, evaluate the puppies together and separately. This will help you to determine which are the superior puppies from this litter.

Study the alertness, chasing an object (ball) with the instinct to hunt it's prey. Shows some aggression towards it's litter mates, fearless and obviously active, playing with objects that are in it's surroundings. Should be the leader of the pack.

  • Isolate the puppy and you, get the puppies attention. Once the puppy is focus on you, simply walk away. The puppy should follow without any hesitation. Keep walking with the puppy and increase your speed. The puppy should follow comfortably.
  • Throw an object (ball) away from the puppy and watch it's chase and retrieving ability.
  • If possible, run away and hide. (remember it is a puppy don't make it too complicated for him/her to find you). If the puppy gets distracted make some sounds to motivate it.
  • Test it's tracking ability by placing pieces of hot dogs on the ground, four feet apart, the puppy should be able to locate without any problems.

A puppy will learns from its experiences, so you should provide only positive ones. Allow your puppy with opportunity to explore and investigate new situations and surroundings (people) remember, always in a non-threatening manner. The objective is to build confidence with dominance for the sport.

To evaluate the temperament of a German shepherd puppy you should focus on the parents first
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