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Dear Clients,

At the moment   we are sold out of our domestic bred puppies (Colorado Bred) until MARCH 2018    We have exceeded our allowable deposits on our litters/puppy reservations that are bred in Colorado (USA) until March 2018. Due to this overwhelming amount of puppy purchases (deposits) from our Colorado kennels we are currently Sold Out.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, and we appreciate your understanding. If you would like to make a deposit (a reservation our our Colorado Bred Puppies) on our Colorado bred puppies for delivery in February 2018 - Please CLICK HERE.

We do have IMPORT PUPPIES, working puppies, including trained puppies available - please click options Below
SG2 Ibero von Team Gunbil ranked 2ND in the world at the Sieger Show in Germany, German Shepherd world championships in Germany (BSZS/HGH 2015).

He is also fully titled in schutzhund 3 (IPO3), Kkl1/A1/A1. He's also ranked V3 (Excellent rated) in Germany.
Our Young Stud IBero (Berto) Will Go To Germany To Get His Schutzhund Titles - We Are Very Excited For Him! Go BERTO! 04/05/2015
Harley von gunbil will be returning from Germany on June 18, 2014!!! Fully titled ans showned!  07/05/2014 
Finally, we have completed the first phase of our sister website database Pedigree. enjoy! 7/05/2014
Our stud Quento vom Thalberger Land (SchH3/kkl1/a1/a1) has returned from Germany with FULL titles! 06/04/2014
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