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German shepherd puppies first day home
exploring his new home for the first time
If possible try picking up your new puppy on the weekend (Saturday) so you can spend some quality time with him/her. You can also make arrangements to take few days off from work to assist your new puppy to his/her new surrounding.  This is very important rule (do not leave your puppy home-alone, on his/her 1st day home, NEVER!).

Have your puppy at your side and introduce your puppy to his/her new home. Be gentle and use a normal voice. Reassuring and rewarding him/her at all times. Try feeding him a little meal. Provide a place (a spot) for your puppy, outdoors to relieve him or herself (bathroom area). Always use this area for his bathroom duties.

Let his 1st day be a pleasant one. Nice, quiet, with love and affection. Use his name at all times. The German shepherd puppy is a natural explorer, he will explore his new home, do not be concern. As long as his new home is safe proof, he'll be just fine. It is wise to observe his exploration period so he would not get into trouble. Have plenty of approved chew toys around. What ever he does wrong, please do not SHOUT! Yelling or screaming at your puppy is WRONG! You do not want him to be afraid of you.

Your puppies curiosity is limitless, if you would like to restrict certain part of your house, simply shut the door or block it with a baby gate.  You can sooner or later teach your puppy his house rules by praising him for obeying the rules that you've applied. But your young puppy may not be ready to follow such responsibilities at this point. Give him/her some time to adjust. He/she is a quick learner and will adapt to your commands and rules, shortly.

Remember, your puppy is too young to live outdoors at this age. You need to bond with him, let him know he is safe and loved. In return, you will enjoy his passion for humans and his unmatched loyalty for his owner, not to mention the dedication to his new family.
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