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German shepherd puppies first night home
Puppies first night home
By now, you should have purchased a puppy size crate. This crate could be introduced to your puppy during the daytime for him to feel secure and comfortable in his new quarters. It would be wise to have rubbed a blanket or a towel with his mom scent on it. In addition to the blanket or towel you can also have a puppy size stuffed animal rubbed with the scent of his litter mates. You should place this special scented blanket or towel into his crate. By doing this your puppy would feel a bit more comfortable going into his crate. At sleeping time place the stuffed animal into his crate with him in the crate. Place the crate as close to your bed as possible.

His first night home will be more pleasurable if the above steps are followed. Please, understand that he is just a puppy. He is entitled to cry and bark (puppy bark). You must be patience with him and yourself. Do not pay attention to his cries. Once he settles down, quietly praise him (good boy).

If your puppy cries in the middle of the night, you should immediately get up and take him to his special "bathroom area", outside. You can use a command for this task as well. Example: "Go Now". When he does his duties, praise him (good boy) and take him back to his crate. You may have to wake up several times a night to complete this task. He may not always have to go to the bathroom but you shouldn't take chances. This is the most important step in training your puppy not to "spoil" into his crate and a good way to start house breaking.
Please be patient, he is just a puppy! -- This is the most important step in training your puppy not to "spoil" into his crate and a good way to start house breaking.
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