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Gunbil German Shepherds Picking a healthy German shepherd puppy
Healthy Puppy (Picking a healthy German shepherd puppy)

Picking a German shepherd puppy is very easy, they are cute, playful, sweet and full of life. Hard to resist, specially for the children. It is wise to follow these simple rules to avoid any discomfort to your new puppy and his/her new family.

  • bserve both parents carefully. Above all the dam. Be certain that she is in good health, full of life and strong in spirit. P
  • ay attention to both parents behavior including how they walk, run, etc... M
  • ake sure that the environment is clean and safe (holes in the ground, clean dirt in a pile, large rocks, etc... this is there play area. Digging or hiding in holes is fun for puppies, that's Ok.) O
  • bserve the German shepherd puppies while in play. The puppies should be playful and curious in nature. W
  • hen handling the puppy pay attention to the stomach, make sure that it is proportioned to the body (Balanced). If the stomach is tight and not proportioned to the body (fat stomach), more likely they have worms. (not a serious treat. It's common for some puppies to have worms)).
  • f the stomach area is sunk in (pot-bellied) and/or if the puppy is skinny (Anorexia), it is possible that the puppy has Giardia. Do not be to concern, it is treatable. Some puppies also have similar symptoms due to stress, (in some large liters there is always a so called "alpha dog"). Some alpha dogs can be over powering few of the other puppies causing stress and discomfort. Loss of appetite will follow causing similar symptoms as described above..
  • Run your fingers around the umbilical cord area for any swollen tissue. If you feel a bump (swollen skin) ask the breeder what it is. More likely it is an umbilical hernia. Once again, do not worry. A simple procedure (operation) will take care of this problem. In some cases it may pop back in. C
  • heck the nose of your German shepherd puppy. It should be dry and dark in color. A wet nose may indicate a minor cold. A dripping nose may indicate a sever cold. I
  • f you are interested in a male puppy, check the testicles. You should be able to feel two little pebbles ( 7-10 weeks is normal for the testicles to drop. In some unusual cases, it may be as long as 4-6 months. B
  • e cautious if the puppies are missing hair in certain parts of the body. If the puppies are scratching constantly, it is a sign of being invested with fleas or ticks. I
  • t is fairly easy to determine a sick puppy. Some signs of this may be coughing, sneezing or vomiting. It could also include these symptoms of discharge from the eyes, ears and nose. I
  • f possible check the stool, it should be fairly hard and formed. Diarrhea or red irritated area around the anus is not a good sign..
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