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German shepherd Import Puppies
World class German shepherd Import puppies direct from Germany - Parents of Cairo, Chanel and Cookie!
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World class Litters - Parents of Oscar, Orlas, Orkas and Orlando!
Zarek Franka
Zarrek - 36th ranked in the world (germany,) Franka - SG1 Champion in class (germany, LG02)
registration # Pure/Database Pedigree
titlesSCHH1/SchHI/Ipo1/IPOI/ KKL1/A1/A2/SG36/V1/
hips(a1) normal - Excellent
elbows(a2) Fast Normal - Good
breed value (ZW info)  82 - Excellent Breed Value (zw-Zuchtwert)
show ranking 36th ranked in the world!
database pedigree German Import Puppies - Pink Papers
registration # Pure/Database Pedigree
hips(a1 Normal - Excellent
elbows(a1) normal - excellent
breed value (ZW info)  73 - Excellent Breed value (zw-Zuchtwert)
status Champion in calss, germany (Lg02)
database pedigree German Import Puppies - Pink Papers
When you consider your import puppy selection from von Team Gunbil German Shepherds in Frankfurt (area), Germany and from our vom Haus Gunbil Rochele in Munich (area), Germany, you are truly getting the BEST possible German shepherd import puppies in the world. We are so confident in our breeding program that we can back-it-up with a FULL FIVE YEAR (5 YEARS) HEALTH and TEMPERAMENT guarantee.

We believe that all breeders should be this confident and have trust in their breeding program as we do and offer an identical 5 YEAR guarantee as mention above. After-all when you claim to be the BEST, you should back it up with a service that supports your character and your integrity. Our five year guarantee is for your peace of mind, our commitment to you and your new puppy/dog.

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