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Dieter - SCHH3/IPO3/IGP3/AD/BH/FH1/KKL1/A1/A1/V
Umza - SCHH3/IPO3/IGP3/AD/BH/KKL1/A1/A1/276

Black German shepherd puppies for sale

Working Line German Shepherds are loyal and make devoted family pets - The working dogs are bred for endurance, power, zero fear, alert and to be able to handle extreme pain. They have a straight back, strong, compact and substantial body type, with powerful muscles and a strong desire to work for you. Very loyal, fearless in some cases, combat ready if needed! This is a super dog; the only thing it can't do is fly!.
Black working line puppies -- Sold!

Ecco - Working line German shepherds
Edanjo - Gunbil working line German shepherd puppies
Erika -All Black German shepherds
Aimee - Working line import puppies
Astro - German shepherd puppies nicely pigmented
Eric - Working line German shepherds