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Gunbil German Shepherd Testimonails
Gunbil reviews and testimonials
Gunbil German Shepherds Reviews. This page contains testimonials and/or comments from our customers and friends. We appreciate any feedback from owners of our puppies and dogs. If you need to contact our customer below for the authenticity of these testimonial, please let us know so we can provide the contact information for you.


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Allie von Quendo
Allie by Quendo, (Montana). A Plus review
Susan Carner (2nd dog)

12 month female out of Quento and Elvira litter.

Baron von Gunbil
Baron, (New York). A Plus review
Miyoung (2nd dog)
Hello Izzet,

Our dogs are doing just great and trainer Barrie is just wonderfulWe absolutely love our 2 beautiful boys!!Sending you some photos from past weekend.

Thank you,

Gunner von Gunbil
Gunner, (New York). A Plus review
Hello Izzet,

Our dogs are doing just great and trainer Barrie is just wonderfulWe absolutely love our 2 beautiful boys!!Sending you some photos from past weekend.

Thank you,

Toby and Sasha
Toby and Sasha, (Colorado). A Plus review
Kenny and Rae Pitcher
Hi Izzet,

This is Toby and Sasha. Toby is now 1 1/2 yo and Sasha 1 year. They are both doing great. They are best friends. They also get along with my mini dachshund. They are both very smart and well trained. We are always getting compliments about how beautiful they are. Especially Toby. His longer hair gets people's attention. Hope you are doing well. I still enjoy tuning into your website frequently.

Dav, (Colorado). A Plus review
David Stanford
We've had our GSD for a year now, and he is everything we wanted and more. Izzet has been very helpful and responsive to any questions we've had, even now a year later. Wonderful people and wonderful dogs.

I'd give ten stars if I could. 

Bella von Gunbil Imports
Belle (Montana). A Plus review
Susan Carner
My gorgeous girl Bella, her sire (Cronos del Seprio), and her grandsires (Remo vom Fichtenschlag) and (Zamp vom Thermodos.

Thank you Izzet for this awesome girl!!

Barrie von gunbil, (N. Jersey). A Plus review
Barrie Rodner
I cannot speak highly enough of the facilities and breeding practices of Gunbil German Shepherds Not only is there great quality of dogs, but they also provide their clients with dogs that are fully trained and socialized. Each dog at Gunbil has its very own run and house to protect them from the elements. They all seemed relaxed and happy to greet us (strangers). They did not seem to be in any distress, had beautiful coats and big smiles. I am so very excited to form a relationship with a breeder who not only goes above and beyond as far as care goes, but also stands behind the sacred lines he has worked so hard to maintain. Izzet, you’re the best!!

Zizi von Gunbil
Zi-Zi von gunbil, (Florida). A Plus review
Jean Brown
Zi-ZI is a beautiful black and red color. Izzet was always very nice to me.

These are high quality german shepherds I agree with others, wonderful dogs from wonderful people! 

Leisel Gunbil
Leisel von Gunbil, (Arizona). A Plus review
Paul and Annamarie Fontaine
Hello Gunbil German Shepherds,

Thought you might like to see some pictures of our puppy we got from you. Her name is Leisel and she is everything we had hoped she would be. Very friendly and good natured. Very intelligent too!

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Anika von gunbil
Anika von Gunbil, (Arizona). A Plus review
Lesley Jarvis
Hey Gunbil (Izzet),

I just realized I never sent you the pictures from when Anika and I got her Bh in November. It was a very cold, windy day so I'm glad she didn't break away to chase the blowing leaves (as often happens haha). I'm super, super excited about getting a new puppy and look forward to hearing how many puppies Quena is pregnant with once the ultrasound is complete next week. Anyhow, enjoy the pictures!

Thanks for being such an excellent breeder, resource, and person - I am so happy I chose to buy a puppy from you when I was first getting started! Hope all is well,

Bill von Gunbil
Bill von Gunbil, (Colorado). A Plus review
Bill Taras
Izzet, thank you for your guidance and help. World class service....out of this world puppy!

Tiffany von Gunbil
Tiffany von Gunbil, (Colorado). A Plus review
Tiffany Montoya
My beautiful girl! Quento x Cassie 

Diva von Gunbil
Diva von Gunbil, (Haiti). A Plus review
Pierre Marie Dalzon Family
Dear Gunbil (Izzet),Thank you so much for living up to your promise of choosing a world class dog for me. Diva is gorgeous and we are so pleased to have her in our family.

Thank you again,

Pierre Marie Dalzon

Roper von Gunbil
Roper von Gunbil, (Colorado). A Plus review
Sally Ann Roper
We absolutely love our puppy Sasha. She has added so much joy to our lives. I couldn't imagine life without her. Her coat, color and markings are unbelievable. She's been going through training and is incredibly smart. It amazes us. I'm a sleep walker and I'd only had her a couple of weeks when I walked in the middle of the night downstairs and fell asleep in the floor. She went upstairs, jumped up with her paws on the bed making a really weird noise and woke up my husband and brought him down to me. When he arrived she put her paw on my back and looked up at him and barked. It's hard to imagine a puppy could have that much intuition at that early age.

Thank you so much for the happiness you have provided. I'll be back to get a male in a few years!

Diva von Gunbil
Sahra von Gunbil , (Louisian). A Plus review
Barrett Gutter
Happy Thanksgiving from Sahra and Zippo!

I am so thankful for my two amazing German Shepherds from Gunbil German Shepherds.

Jagger von Gunbil
Jagger von Gunbil, (Missouri). A Plus review
The Eyermann Family
Hey guys,Just wanted to give you and update on "Jagger" (Hassan's son born Jan. 2009). He is as big as can be and has so much energy. He is very smart and loves to play all day long. He is very friendly to people and dogs, but just doesn't know his own size and loves to jump. And he loves water!!!! He is a great addition to our family and is the prettiest German Shepherd I've ever seen.

Thanks so much for giving him to us and we hope to talk to you soon.

Jagger von Gunbil
Leslie von Gunbil, (Colorado). A Plus review
Leslie L. Stoupas
I think I have the prettiest GSD Günbil German Shepherds ever bred!

Seedoo von Gunbil
SeeDoo von Gunbil, (N. Mexico). A Plus review
Kasem Lordman
Just got a puppy from Gunbil and is absolutley gorgeous! An amzining temperament and wow! beautiful!

Extremely intellegent. I was truly concerned buying a puppy without an intial meet, but everything  this breeder promises came true and then some. I am very happy I decided to purchase a dog from Gunbil!

Ronan von Gunbil
Ronan von Gunbil, (Colorado). A Plus review
Connie Offerman

This is my Ronan. He is my buddy and my protector.I get compliments by the dozens when I take him out in public, which is just about every day. He is amazingly smart and so easy to train. I have began training him to be my service dog. He picks up on my needs so quickly.

Thank you for such a wonderful dog.

Lisa von Gunbil
Lisa von Gunbil, (Colorado). A Plus review
Donald & Ellen Quinlan 
Hello Gunbil's (Izzet),Just a quick note and some pics of Lisa. She is doing just great and a very loving Shepherd. Everyone compliments us on her mannerism and good looks. An excellent walker and just an all around great doggie. We will be back for a puppy one day. Thank you for her and you can be assured that she is well loved.


Donald & Ellen Quinlan

Gracie von Gunbil
Gracie von Gunbil A Plus review
Victoria Young
We love our Gunbil GSD! Izzet has always been gracious and kind when I have had even a simple question.

Our Gracie is almost two years old and we are ready to bring another Gunbil GSD into our home and I can hardly wait!!!

Athena von Gunbil
Athena von Gunbil, (Utah). A Plus review
Jordyn Archer 

 here is Athena from Hamilton & Cassie's Litter (8 Months) just having fun guarding her Jolly Ball from Baru!

Happy Halloween from our family to yours

Mirko von Gunbil
Mirko von Gunbil, (Colorado). A Plus review
Brian Morgan 
Greetings Gunbil's,A few cute pictures. Mirko is now 10 months old. (male 3 from Hassan and Flora) Hey is a high drive dog with lots of energy. He is very smart, sensitive and has a tremendous play drive. He gets more gentle with age. He still gets a little wound up and it is tough to get his attention, but it keeps improving. I mean he is still just a six year old kid right?

Thanks again,

Brian Morgan

Otto von Gunbil
Otto von Gunbil, (Colorado). A Plus review

Jett von Gunbil
Jett von Gunbil, (California). A Plus review
Brian and Debbie Kidwell
We purchased a male from the Hassan/Senta litter in 2008 and couldn't be happier with the pup we received! After losing our two German Shepherds within a 4 month period in 2008, our hearts were longing for another dog, not just any dog - a German Shepherd dog, of course. Jett is everything we could have dreamed of. He is full of life, fearless, affectionate, fun loving, playful and determined. He is a picture of beauty.. rich deep color with a beautiful healthy coat. We are very proud to know Gunbil German Shepherds and plan to get our next dog from them as well. You will never find the quality anywhere else as far as we are concerned. The customer service has been awesome! We look forward to a great relationship with Izzet and these beautiful dogs for years to come. Keep up the fantastic work Izzet!"


Brian and Debbie Kidwell 

Titan von Gunbil
Titan von Gunbil, (Maryland). A Plus review
Ed Hiller

As you can see, he is enjoying the Fall weather back here on the east coast at our house. What you do not see is he is looking at the Chesapeake Bay about 50 feet from him and the sailboats, etc. Now we know what they mean when they say "the dog's life". Thank you for giving us this great dog.

Talk to you soon. Ed

Carnie family with Queenie von Gunbil
Queenie von Gunbil, (Maryland). A Plus review
Roger Carnie
Dear, Izzet,

It was very nice speaking with you yesterday. I was thinking about you and your wife and the wonderful Gunbil group after yet another great holiday made so much more special with our family member Queenie.

Queenie will be four in February, and, and with each passing year I realize more and more how she has enriched our both mentally and physically.

Bemis von Gunbil
Bemis von gunbil, (Colorado). A Plus review
Brooke Bemis
Gunbil German Shepherds is an excellent example of how quality breeders operate. I have received two quality dogs from them . They made good on thier above and beyond health guarantee, even when the unfortunate health issue really wasn't a genetic problem.

Quality people and quality dogs.

Peyton von Gunbil
Peyton von Gunbil, (Maryland). A Plus review
Jenny Stanford‎

Peyton (Aggasi von Gunbil) graduated from his puppy training class today.

Pironti von Gunbil
Pironti von Gunbil, (Massachusetts). A Plus review
Bob Pironti
Hi Izzet,

Just figure i send you some picture of misty with her new sun glasses..


Tico von Gunbil
Tico von Gunbil, (Florida). A Plus review
Dalton Johnson
Hello Gunbil's,

here is Ticos pictures, I am sending a hard copy in case this doesn't work. Can't wait to see the new girl.

Dalton Johnson

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