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Imported German shepherd puppies

From our Günbil kennels in Germany (and German partners), we offer German import puppies with SV "Pink Papers". Gunbil, purebred German shepherd import puppies are bred, born and imported from Germany. The home of the real and purebred German shepherds. Our imported pups come from highly trained, world champion, schutzhund/working titled parents with certified hips/elbow and current breed value evaluation score. This allows us to exceed the excellence of the breed at a superior level of our imported puppies from Germany.

The autentic German shepherd imports come from Germany and nowhere else.

We believe in our German shepherd import puppies breeding program, you should too!

Imported German Shepherds from Germany
World class German Import puppies - Available
  • February 21, 2022 Ready to go
  • 6,000.00
Grandson son of World Champion VA1 Saabat von Aurelius
V17 - Digger (17th ranked in the world)
registration Germany
working titles SCHH2/IPO2/IGP2/KKL1/A1/A1/V17
hips (a1) Normal - Excellent
elbows (a1) Normal - Excellent
breed value  74 - Super healthy breed value
show titles 3 X German Champion
breed survey Judge Evalution Report (KKL1): Exemplary size, full-bodied, strong, dry, and firm, good conformation, very good expression, very well pigmented, good conformation. High, long withers, straight, firm back, good length, and position of the croup. Very well angulated (correctly), balanced chest conditions, straight front. Straight stepping, very powerful, very space-grasping gait with very good elevation. Sure, safe nature, TSB pronounced. Recommended for Breeding (Exemplary breeding stud). Typically and correctly built male.
Stud & Dam Information

Digger, working titles IGP2/IPO2/SchH2! Wow - Excellent overall type, Superbly pigmened (black/dark red), admirably healthy pedigree from both parents. The son of TWICE (2X) world champion "VA1/VA/ Mentos vom Osterberger-Land" Large, strong and powerful stud with excxellent black dark mask (stud type head), correctly built male. Self-assured dog, "Clear in the head" with stable nerves and safe nature stud!

Digger, is the grandson of "TWICE (2X) "World Champion" VA1 Saabat von Aurelius, and three (3X) world champion VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard.

Yaki, the daughter of world champion Willy vom Kuckucksland "(3X) WORLD CHAMPION" exemplary female type, strong, ideal size, titled in schutzhund (IGP1/SchH1/IPO1/Kkl1), recommended to breed dam, excellent natural protection ability for her family, loves children, great family dog ready to explore the world with you! Happy, fun, confident, self-assured and beautiful dog. Ready to please and ready to play attitude. Excellent with family and children.

Yaki, is the granddaughter of THREE (3X) "World Champion" VA1/VA1/SG1 Willy vom Kuckucksland and the grandaugther of Twice (2X) world champion VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag.

Note: breed value (ZW) less than 100 are the most desirable. More Info Here.

German shepherd import puppies from Germany
V9 Yaki - (9th ranked LG 2021)
registration Germany
working titles SCHH1/IPO1/IGP1/Kkl1/A1/A2/SG/V
hips (a1) normal - excellent
elbows (a1) normal - excellent
breed value  73 - Super healthy breed value
show titles 9th ranked
breed survey Judge Evalution Report (KKL1): Large, powerful and substantial female, good ratio of height and length, very nice head. High withers well developed topline and underline, good length and position of the croup, good forequarters, very good hindquarters angulations, balanced chest ratios, correct front. From the front and rear straight stepping she develops space-grasping gait with effective rearward thrust and free forward stride. TSB pronounced.. Safe nature. TSB pronounced; lets off. Recommended for Breeding (Exemplary breeding type female).
Puppy Litter Information
country of birth Germany (Imported from Germany)
litter status show, breeding, family, protection
puppy guarantee Five (5) year health & temperament
puppy pedigree Germany, GSKC/SV/AKC (pink papers)
pup breed value  74 - Wow! Super healthy breed value
Puppy Package More info here
date bred September 27, 2021
date born November 29, 2021
litter size 3M/3F
available puppies 2 Males & 1 Female
German shepherd puppies for sale
Delivery Date February 21, 2022
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Imported German Shepherds from Germany