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Black German Shepherds

Working line German Shepherds, all black German Shepherd Puppies imported from Germany, from working line parents, expertise, superior knowledge, top working class all black puppies are clear in the head character, stable nerves, safe nature dogs! Working line German shepherd partners (in Germany) have over 68 years "combined experience", in training, competing, breeding, improving the working dogs, German working puppies!

Working dogs can make a great pet as they're stimulated, well-rounded, and controlled. Breeding top-world-champion working dogs offered only in Germany. Our working German Shepherd puppies are recommended for Police work, Narcotics Detection, Explosives Detection, Officer Protection, Military, Tracking, Cadaver Detection, Working Dog, Sport Dog, Guard Dog and naturally Family Protection Dogs! Our working dogs are clear in the head, have the natural desire to work!

Gunbil Purebred all black puppies, working line puppies come with great dispositions, social behaviors, have natural protection drives to compete in any arena world wide.  - We guarantee our working dogs are reliable in temperament, highly intelligent, extreme endurance ability, powerful, strong, sound structure, steady nerves and safe nature.

We believe in our "Working Line German Shepherds" breeding program, you should too!
Trained puppy
Working Line German Shepherd Puppies - Sorry - Sold!
  • November 25, 2022 Ready to go
  • 4,888.00
Qatar vom Alten Kanal, working dog
V Qatar 286 Trial Score - Wow!
registration AKC & SV, Germany (pink papers)
working titles SCHH3/IPO3/IGP3/UV/WB/AD/BH/FH1/KKL1/A1/A1/
hips (a1) Normal - Excellent
elbows (a1) Normal - Excellent
hip value (ZW info)  86 - Excellent healthy hips
Health Tested DM (Clr), OCD (Clr), LTV (Clr), DNA (Ck)
trial score 278 (Excellent - 98/82/98)
German Shepherd Working Puppies

Qatar, an ideal size stud, with excellent "Health Test" results (all clear and free), champion caliber "TOP working line, world class stud". Energetic, spirited male, strong, powerful, with excellent IGP3 Schutzhund score. Close to perfect, very rare in Germany for a working stud to get score of 286! Strong structure, normal proportions, masculine, strong head. Temperament is clear, gun sureness, confident, self-assured dog, "Clear in the head character", a top working stud! Safe nature, stable nerves, TSB pronounced.

Qatar, is the son of "Pepper von Kap Karthago" and the grandson of Bosco von der Hagenmühle.

Fara, Pure working line, dark gray, exemplary size, spirited, strong and powerful , very good IGP1 Schutzhund score. Strong structure, normal proportions , excellent drive (play & prey), overall correct female. Temperament is clear, stable nerves, gun sureness, confident, self-assured dog, "clear in the head" character. Excellent tracking/search services! A true working female with "clear in the head character", safe nature, stable nerves, TSB pronounced.

Fara, is the daughter of "Akim vom Clauser Tal" and the granddaughter of Faro van Xazziam.

Note: breed value (ZW) less than 100 are the most desirable. More Info Here.

Working line German shepherd female
V Fara - (Schutzhund working title
registration AKC & SV, Germany (pink papers)
working titles SCHH2/IPO2/IGP2/AD/BH/KKL1/A1/A1/263
hips (a1) normal - excellent
elbows (a1) normal - excellent
hip value (ZW info)  75 - Excptional healthy hips
Health Tested DM (Clear),
trial score 263 (Very Good - 92/85/86)
Working Lnie Puppies
country of birth Import puppies from Germany
litter status show, breeding, family, protection
Guarantee Five Year Health & Temperament
puppy pedigree AKC & SV (pink papers)
pup breed value   80 - Excellent healthy breed value
date bred July 8, 2022
date born September 5, 2022
litter size 4M/3F
available puppies Sorry, Sold
Working German Shepherd puppies for sale
Delivery Date November 25, 2022
questions? Please call 719.220.2222
purchase Sorry - Sold
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Trained puppy