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German Shepherd Price

Izzet and Amy Gunbil of Gunbil Kennels in Colorado. A professional breeder usually doesn't negotiate on their puppy. They invest a lot in each puppy and work hard to provide the best of their breed. A good, reputable breeder will have confidence in their puppies and breeding program. They would be proud to list the PRICE for their piece of mind and your convenience. There is no need to MIS-LEAD or divert anyone; list the price. If they are interested, they will contact you!

Be transparent (all breeders) - No worries; there are plenty of customers in today's market. Some are in your price range, and some aren't. Show respect for the client, and stop wasting the customers' time with your sales tactics to bait them into making a call (by not listing your price/prices). Be a good person and a better person in business, and list the price of your puppies or dogs for sale! That's good business

We Have Included A Price List For Your Convenience - Our Prices Below Is As Listed And Firm.

Gunbil German Shepherd Price List
Puppies USA Working/show line Price
1d Gunbil Bred Puppies $ 4,888.00
1d Gunbil Select Puppies $ 5,888.00
1d Günbil Private Litters $ 6,888.00
1d Günbil Litter Pick $ 7,888.00
Imported Puppies German Select Imports PRICE
1I Günbil Rochel $ 5,888.00
2I Team Günbil $ 5,888.00
3I Import Litters $ 5,888.00
4I Working Line Puppies $ 5,888.00
5I Excellent Select (VA $ 6,888.00
6I Private Litters $ 6,888.00
7I Private Litter Pick $ 8,888.00
Trained Puppies PCK2 3/5 months old Price
1T USA Bred Puppies $ 7,888.00
2T German Imported $ 8,888.00
3T Excellent Select $ 9,888.00
4T Private Litter $ 10,888.00
Trained Puppies PCK2 6/12 months old Price
5T USA Bred Puppies $ 12,888.00
6T Privtae Imports $ 14,888.00
8T Excellent Select $ 18,888.00
Protection dogs (safe-natured, Guaranteed) 20/36 months old Price
1P. Level ONE (1), $ 48,888.00 (& UP)
3P. Schutzhund 1/Real Protection Dogs (Lvl 01) $ 58,888.00 (& UP)
3P. Schutzhund 2/Real Protection Dogs (Lvl 02) $ 68,888.00 (& UP)
3P. Schutzhund 3/Real Protection Dogs (Lvl 03) $ 88,888.00 (& UP)

Gunbil Five year health and temperament guarantee 5 YEAR GUARANTEE: We're so confident in our World Class Gunbil German shepherd breeding program that we can offer you a "WORRY FREE" 5 (FIVE year) HEALTH & TEMPERAMENT GUARANTEE! More Info Click Here

The german shepherd breeders in colorado
At Gunbil German Shepherds, we evaluate our puppies with the drive behavior and characteristic profile, enabling us to incorporate the unique characteristics of each puppy with the new owner's profile and request the unique traits they want from their new puppy.
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