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German Shepherd Dog And German Shepherd Puppy Prices At Gunbil German Shepherd Dogs

Izzet and Amy Gunbil of Gunbil Kennels in Colorado. Thank you for your interest in our World Famous Gunbil German Shepherds and trained young adults for sale from our kennels in the United States of America and in our world famous kennels in Germany. At Günbil German Shepherd Dogs, we truly offer the highest quality world champion working-show line German Shepherd dogs in the world.

We're so confident in our German shepherds breeding program that we offer a "Worry Free" Five Year Health and Temperament Guarantee! In the event that the guarantee is honored, Gunbil we will provide another dog/puppy of the same quality, age, gender (of choice) and value. We do not ask that you return the original dog to us.

We offer world class puppies with strict German SV standards from the German shepherds breed Club in Germany, dog breeder offering working show line with outstanding sound temperament, solid, stable nerves, correct conformation, superior health and highest levels of trainability and quality show or family companion dogs. Breeding the finest German Shepherd Puppies in the WORLD! Puppy Imprinting and Socialization Program begin at puppy-hood. This early training provides your puppy a head start in their new life! There is a special period of learning that occurs during puppyhood, which enables young dogs to quickly absorb information about their world and how to react to it. Each experience defines your puppy's future behavior and dictates how they will respond to humans.

At our "Puppy Canine Training" and "Puppy Development Training" Program we teach young dog to see humans as their leader, understand rules and boundaries, and imprints each foundational command upon which all future obedience skills are built. Our trained puppies come with house training, crate training, socialization skills with children, adults, other animals, including dogs. Object orientation in building drive with motivation to perform. Our trained puppies live with our families and our children, with regular bathing, trimming of nails and cleaning ears. Our trained puppies are introduced to stairs and slippery floor environment as well. Your puppy will be trained in: Follow the leader/Play/Focus, Learn to walk at a heel on leash, Heel, Sit, Stay/Sit/Dow, Come.

We are here to ensure that all your expectation are met in a courteous and professional manner. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our German shepherd dogs, German shepherd puppies and/or our services please let us know immediately so we can correct the problem and make it right for you, all with a smile.
We Have Included A Price List For Your Convenience - Our Prices Below Is As Listed And Firm.
WORLD CLASS GÜNBIL GERMAN SHEPHERD PRICING (Prices below doES not include shipping)
Günbil puppies (Gunbil Kennels Colorado, USA - WORKING/SHOW LINE PUPPIES) PRICE
1D World Famous, "von Günbil Puppies" Günbil Kennels in Colorado, USA $ 3,888.00 (+ ship)
2d World Famous, "von Günbil private Litter Puppies" Günbil Kennels Colorado, USA $ 4,888.00 (+ ship)
3d World Famous, "von Günbil Select Puppies" Günbil Kennels Colorado, USA $ 5,888.00 (+ ship)
Günbil import puppies (Günbil Kennels in Germany - WORKING/SHOW LINE PUPPIES) PRICE
1I World Famous, "Günbil Rochele Import Puppies" from Günbil Kennels in Germany $ 4,444.00 (+ ship)
2I World Famous, "Team Günbil Import Puppies" from Günbil Kennels in Germany $ 4,444.00 (+ ship)
3I World Famous, "Private litter, Puppies" from Günbil Kennels in Germany $ 4,888.00 (+ ship)
4I World Famous, "working line puppies" from Günbil & Partners Kennels in Germany $ 4,888.00 (+ ship)
5I World Famous, "Select Puppies" from Günbil & Partners Kennels in Germany $ 6,888.00 (+ ship)
 Günbil Trained puppies - working, show, breeding, shipping included - US only) PRICE
1t. World Famous, "Günbil" Colorado Bred Puppies (3 TO 6 MONTH OLD) $ 6,888.00 (& UP)
2t. World Famous, "Günbil" German Bred Import Puppies (3 TO 6 MONTH OLD) $ 7,888.00 (& UP)
3t. World Famous, "Günbil" Private litter Puppies (3 TO 6 MONTH OLD) $ 8,888.00 (& UP)
4t. World Famous, "Günbil" Select Puppies (3 TO 6 MONTH OLD) $ 10,888.00 (& UP)
GÜnbil Select Puppies - working, show, breeding, shipping included - US only) PRICE
1S. Trained, "Select Puppies" (6 TO 12 MONTH OLD) $ 12,888.00 (& UP)
2S. Trained, "Excellent Select Puppies" (6 TO 12 MONTH OLD) $ 14,888.00 (& UP)
3S. Trained "Select Young Adults" - (12 month and over) $ 18,888.00 (& UP)
GÜnbil family protection dogs (young) - World class, schutzhund PRICE
1P. Protection Dog - Level ONE (1), young adults, working, show & breeding $ 28,888.00 (& UP)
2P. Protection Dog - Schutzhund ONE (1), young adults, working, show & breeding $ 38,888.00 (& UP)
3P. Protection Dog - Schutzhund TWO (2), young adults, working, show & breeding $ 48,888.00 (& UP)
4P. Protection Dog - Schutzhund THREE (3), young adults, working, show & breeding $ 58,888.00 (& UP)
A good reputable breeder will have confidence in their puppies and their breeding program. They would be proud to list the PRICE for their piece of mind and for your convenience. There is no need to MIS-LEAD or  divert anyone, simply list the price. If they are interested they will contact you, honest and SIMPLE!

Gunbil Five year health and temperament guarantee 5 YEAR GUARANTEE: We're so confident in our World Class Gunbil German shepherd breeding program that we can offer you a "WORRY FREE" 5 (FIVE year) HEALTH & TEMPERAMENT GUARANTEE! More Info Click Here

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