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All About German Shepherd Puppy - The German Shepherd Dog is the third most popular breed in the world and one of America’s most popular dog breeds. The German shepherd is an intelligent dog and the most sought after working dog. His devotion, courage and bravery is unmatched. The GSD is amazingly versatile, surpassing the hardest of the task given and concurring almost every mission he faces. A guide and assistance dog for the handicapped, police patrol dogs, military service and attack dogs, herding, search and rescue, drug detection, competitive obedience and your very best friend for life!

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German Shepherd Dog Behavior - The reference to temperament of your dog is a combination of drives, individual behavior and unigue characteristics that are inherited from the each parent and the grand parents. - It's absolutely true and most often overlooked. Temperament of the German Shepherd dog is inherited by genetics, really! If one parent is weak it will show in their offspring and will continue until the weak trade is complimented by a more desired trait. Again, the temperament is inherited, not developed. A dog's natural temperament will remain unaltered. However, in some cases the behavior can be modified with training, but the natural temperament will never be compromised.

So, when choosing a "puppy" please keep this in mind, a high drive puppy is just that. A "High Energy, high power and he will need this power to be stimulated, if you do not have the time or the experties to provide stimulation, This is the wrong puppy for you AND you're also the wrong dog owner for him.

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Quick Tips - For more information, please click here. The The German shepherd dog has a social nature, similar to humans. As a pack animal, it searches for contact with its mother, siblings and fellow dogs from birth and throughout life. If this contact is withheld from the puppy, the puppy's social awareness is debilitated and in danger of becoming a loner. Often, a puppy that has weak foundation (due to unsocialized behavior) will behave aggressively and/or extremely fearfully towards other dogs, as they are insecure due to improper imprinting from puppy-hood. Regular contact with other dogs in similar age group will surely offset this and provide the puppy security, confident in approaching and playing with other dogs. Puppy play time (is similar to your child's kindergarten class), is when the puppy learns from a another puppy (SIMILAR IN AGE) in meeting and interacting with other pups, playing and communicating with them in a social manner, building positive experiences to last them a lifetime with social skills in their own world.

In order to strengthen the social connection between human and animal, regular play-times with the dog owner take place during the puppy meetings. Because dogs who have confidence in themselves, their owner and their environment become loyal and reliable partners for their whole life!

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