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Armando - von Gunbil Imports - Parents Profile - Available!
Keagan - Black German Shepherd stud
Keagan - SCHH2/IPO2/IGP2/KKL1/A1/A1/263
Paris - Black German Shepherd female
Paris - - SCHH2/IPO2/IGP2/KKL1/A1/A1/263

Black German shepherd puppies for sale

We're so confident and assured in our breeding program we offer a  FIVE (5) Year Genetic health and Temperament guarantee! We back it up with a service that supports our character and our integrity.  Our five year guarantee is our commitment to you and your new puppy/dog.
Armando - Imported from Germany - Alert, confident, self-assured, and outgoing character with strong body type and structure. Macho head, excellent lacquer black pigment, masculine body structure, strong, expressive, an ideal family dog with excellent (play/prey) drive, correct type., loyal and protective dog (natural protective instinct), great control with excellent focus. Will do very well in a family home environment. He will certainly excel at any job and do it with joy and confidence. We guarantee our puppies to have stable nerves, safe nature and clear in the head character (sound temperament).
Black German Shepherd Male Puppy

German shepherd working line male from Germany
German shepherd import working male name Armando
German shepherd imported male black pigmented
German shepherd imported male black pigmented