Ablegen [ab-leg-hen] Lie down and lie still!
Achtung [ahh-tuunk] Look out! Watch! On guard!
Apport [ah-port] Fetch!
Auf [auwf] Up!when the dog is lying
Aus [aous] Out! Let go!
Bleibsitzen [blieb-zit-zen] Stay! Keep sitting!
Bring [brink] Fetch!
Daun [down] Down! Drop! when dog off leash is to be halted at a distance from trainer
Fass [faas] Attack! Take it!
Fuss [fuus] Heel!
Gib laut [gib-laout] Speak!
Hier [here] Come!
Gut [guut] Good!
Gradaus [graud-ous] Straight ahead! Forward!!
Hoch [houhh] command for jumping
Hopp [hup] command for jumping
Komm [come] Come!
Kriech [creekh] Crawl! Creep!
Lass [laass] Let go! Out!
Leg dich [lig-dikh] Lie down!
Legen [leeg-en] Lie down!
Nimm [nim] Take it!
Pass auf [paas-ouwf] Watch out! Alert!
Pfui [pfooee] No! Shame!
Platz [plutz] Down!
Setzen [zet-zen] Sit!
Such [zukh] Seek! Trail!
Such, verloren [zukh fehr-loren] Seek a lost object!
Vorwärts [forr-vehrts] Go ahead!
Zur Spur [tsuhr-shpur] Trail!
Zur Wache [tsuhr-wa-heh] Watch! On guard!
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