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Günbil german shepherds dog health matters

Dog health issues in dogs affect all breeds and all ages. Dogs get sick from parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungus. They basically can get the same diseases as humans. Regarding dog health, the key to recovery is early detection and treatment. If these diseases are not treated early, then chronic illness and damaged organs can occur later in life. Unfortunately, dogs don't tell us they are sick. But, subtle hints will provide the clues that something is not right with your dog's health. Pay close attention to their activity levels along with their eating, drinking and sleeping habits. When something changes, you will be able to respond quickly and avoid unnecessary delays in treating your pet. Cancer, Parasites, Parvovirus are some of the more common dog health disease.

Pet disease and allergies

There are five types of worms that generally affect dogs: heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms. Certain types of worms are easier to spot than others. For example, if your dog picks up a tapeworm, it's common to see what resembles grains of rice in its stool.

Worms in Dogs
All about hips and elbows (OFA)

Please, do not alter your puppy's diet as changing environment is a stressful experience and feeding the right diet is important. When your puppy arrives in his new home it may show signs of stomach upsets and diarrhea because of leaving his mother and entering a strange new atmosphere. If the puppy does have diarrhea and this persists for more than 24 hours or becomes more severe, consult your veterinarian. If you want to change his diet, wait until your puppy has settled in, then gradually change it over a period of five to seven days.