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What should I know about German Shepherd puppies

The Gunbil German shepherd puppy is well socialized with positive socialization skills, bravery and with confidence. We take pride in our German Shepherd puppies you should too. Please read the helpful articles that will aid in the transition of your new puppy to his/her new home, family and environment. You need to bond with your new Gunbil German shepherd puppy, let him know he is safe and loved. In return, you will enjoy his passion for humans and his unmatched loyalty for his owner, not to mention the dedication to his new family. The German shepherd puppy will bring you the outmost joy and happiness that you'll ever experience. He is courageous and superior than any other breed. Use the puppy information below to prepare your home and family for your new Gunbil German Shepherd puppy. Please visit our "DOG BEHAVIOR CENTER" articles as well.

Nutritionally balanced diet is crucial for the healthy growth and development of a puppy in order to prepare him/her for an active, long, and healthy life.

When your dog Licks you, he is reaching out and touching you, this is his way of interacting with you in showing you affection, in a special, loving behavior. Also, they incorporate this behavior to get more attention, so they routinely display this conduct on a daily basis.

Take your new puppy everywhere you go that is safe for your puppy, including the introduction to humans and other animals, other dog breeds as well! . Do not encourage or reward your pup if he is growling or barking in any new situations. Give him plenty of praise with emphasis when he is doing what he is supposed to do. This will help him grow with a positive outlook in society, in any circumstance he will adapt and prevail with bravery and will become a strong, confident dog in all stages of his life.

1. puppy zone

At Gunbil German shepherd puppies, we evaluate our puppies with the "Drive" behavior and characteristic profile

This enables us to incorporate the unique characteristics of each puppy with the new owners profile and request on the special traits that they want from their new puppy.

2. puppy profiling (defining character & personality)

All dog breeds were developed with a specific purpose in mind. The retrievers and terriers bred for sporting and the herding and working breeds all retain levels of the inherent drives that made them suitable for the tasks they were bred to perform.

Acquiring a dog strictly for looks or image without taking these breed characteristics into account can lead to problems.

3. puppy diet, Growth Development (looseness of hocks)

Please, do not alter your puppy's diet as changing environment is a stressful experience and feeding the right diet is important. When your puppy arrives in his new home it may show signs of stomach upsets and diarrhea because of leaving his mother and entering a strange new atmosphere. If the puppy does have diarrhea and this persists for more than 24 hours or becomes more severe, consult your veterinarian. If you want to change his diet, wait until your puppy has settled in, then gradually change it over a period of five to seven days.

4. puppy vaccines (for in depth description please visit health matters)

Breeding a schutzhund puppy is not sufficient if the early development is not handled correctly. A young schutzhund puppy should not be handled with a firm corrections. It is equally important that he/she should never be dominated by another dog. The training and play should have a positive ending with results equally satisfying both to the dog and the trainer/owner.

5. All about breeding the German shepherd dog

German shepherds are not for everyone. They are for special people. People who will properly care for them, give them love and joy. People who will respect their needs and provide a solid foundation with a commitment that will last your German shepherd dog a LIFETIME!. Izzet Günbil

6. AKC - American kennel club Links and Support 1(919) 233-9767