The advanced tracking dog examination is intended to demonstrate that the dog is capable of scenting the track and not the body scent of the tracklayer. It will not be confused at corners (swinging wide for example). A "track sure" dog will remain with the original track; a "track clean" dog will as well, even when there are cross tracks of the same age crossing the track. Air scenting disqualifies the dog. To be eligible for the FH examination, the dog must have passed at least a SCHI. Dogs with a Begleithunde examination may be permitted to enter.

Suitable areas for laying the track include pasture land, plowed fields and forest floor. There must be a change of cover during the course of the track, including a portion over a hard, well traveled street/gravel road. They may not be completely laid out on snow. The tracklayer may not live in the same house with the handler.

Tracks are marked at the starting point and must contain at least one 90 degree corner. Four articles are put down for the dog to find. The dog may be worked on collar, in harness or off-lead. There may be a cross track. The test may be terminated due to disobedience if the dog runs off after wild game, refuses to give articles up to the handler, etc. The dog is scored on how well he tracks, indicates the articles, on his general demeanor throughout the test and responsiveness to the handler, etc.

Working Title FH 1 Advanced Tracking AND Working Title FH 2 Most Advance Tracking
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