Translates to "Companion Dog." The following is condensed from the DVG (Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine) rules.

Dogs of all sizes and breeds are eligible; the minimum age is 12 months. The only allowable collar is a chain type "choke" collar, and the lead, when used, is attached to the dead ring. Generally, scores or points are not announced, rather the judge evaluates whether a handler/dog team have passed.

Part A must be passed for the team to do Part B. The first part of the exercises are the same as for Schutzhund 1 obedience through the first retrieve. Part A includes:

part b

Part B consists of tests to evaluate the dog's ability to function in heavy traffic. These exercises are to be conducted in the open with areas with some traffic, but not inconveniencing the general public. For this reason, only dogs that pass Part A may take this part of the test. It is a time consuming test, and a maximum of 15 dogs per day per judge may be tested. There is no point allocation per exercise; the judge will evaluate the dog's performance and its ability to do the exercises well.

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