German Shepherd Dog chewing

Chewing is normal for dogs, but it can cause problems when your shoes, books or furniture are the targets. Correcting problem chewing is often simply a matter of preventing unwanted chewing while encouraging your dog to chew appropriate dog toys. If chewing only happens when left alone, try confinement (see Crate Training), and speak to a qualified dog trainer or behaviorist as this may be a sign of Separation Anxiety or Boredom. Why dogs chew?

Why dogs chew

Chewing is usually a healthy, normal thing to do when it isn’t destructive. Dogs chew for many reasons:

Keep in mind that some behavior that looks like chewing or biting is actually exploratory ‘mouthing.’ Dogs learn about an object’s feel and texture with their mouths in the way people learn those things by feeling with their hands.

Correcting Inappropriate Chewing

Buy appropriate chew toys. Then, when you see your dog chewing something inappropriate:

Do provide lots of good, solid dog toys for chewing. Do prevent problems by supervising your dog closely and exercising him often. Do stay calm. If you catch your dog chewing something other than a dog toy do as suggested above.

Pfui! (Foo-ey): Shame! Stop That! Drop That! - Don’t blame the dog for being a dog – give him toys to chew, reward him for chewing them (his toys) ...
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