Training To Sit

Training your dog to sit should be fairly easy. Stand him on your left side, holding the leash fairly short, and command him to :Sit". As you give the verbal command, pull up slightly with the leash and push his hindquarters down. Do not let him lie down or stand up. If he does lie down, snap up on the leash until he rises to a sitting position again.

If he is slow to respond, tug more sharply until he has done what you want him to. Keep him in a sitting position for a moment, then release the pressure on the leash and praise him. Constantly repeat the command as you hold him in a sitting position, thus fitting the word to the action in his mind. If he moves at all, immediately repeat the command and press him him into a sitting position. After a time he will begin to get the idea and will sit without having to push his hindquarters down. When he reaches that stage, insist that he sit on command. Praise him often, always rewarding a correct action with your praise and affection.

You should never begin serious obedience training before your dog is seven or eight months old. While your dog is still in his puppyhood, concentrate on winning his confidence so he will love and admire you. Basic Training can be started at the early age of three or four months. He should be taught to walk nicely on a leash, sit and lie down on command, and come when he is called.
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