Gunbil German shepherd puppy in motion

Ear Tattoo MachineIn order to enter and compete in GSDCA-WDA events all German Shepherd Dogs over 12 months of age must have tattoo or microchip identification. German Shepherd Dogs that were born in the United States on or after January 1, 2005, must have their tattoo or microchip number certified on their original 4-generation AKC pedigree. Three-generation AKC pedigrees for German Shepherd Dogs born prior to January 1, 2005 will continue to be accepted for identification certification and for entry into GSDCA-WDA events. AKC pedigrees that have been tattoo or microchip certified by USCA will be accepted at all GSDCA-WDA events provided they meet the 3 or 4-generation requirement above.

The purpose of this program is to record the permanent identification of German Shepherd Dogs born in the United States that are registered with the American Kennel Club. Once the tattoo or microchip number is properly recorded with the GSDCA-WDA Office, it will be added to the original Certified American Kennel Club four-generation pedigree and then embossed with the official GSDCA-WDA seal.

All dogs must have a tattoo or microchip. Tattoos (preferably in the right ear) must be legible. Tattoos must be verified, and the GSDCA-WDA Tattoo Verification Form completed by a licensed Veterinarian. Tattoos should be at least five numbers or letters, or any combination of numbers and letters. Each dog must be assigned its own tattoo number. Do not use the dog’s name, your name, or your social security number. A series of numbers and letters that designate your kennel name, the puppy’s birth year, the litter number (letter), and the number born or something similar is the common practice and is suggested

Clinical Signs

Dogs that are micro chipped must be presented with a scanner capable of reading the microchip. It is the owner’s responsibility to provide the scanner. td>

in 2010 we will no longer tattoo our domestic bred dogs, instead we will incorporate the microchip on our dogs over the age of 6 month.

this is the year 2010 and the technology has many new options to identify the authenticity of the dog. We no longer need the outdated, cruel and severe pain causing 1900 century tattooing techniques for identifying each dog..