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Pet Shipping
International Pet shipping at World class Pet Travel, pet shipping, pet transport, pets cargo - Cargo Pets!
Direct Puppy Flight - We need to limit the the TOTAL crate time 6 to 8 hours maximum allowance FOR DOMESTIC FLIGHTS. This is the reason why we only ship to most major airports in the US. A direct flight is crucial for the comfort of your puppy in minimizing flight time. Please remember that the puppy must be dropped off 2 hours early prior to shipping which extends the total flight/crate time. A longer period of "flight time" can cause your new puppy stress and fatigue, not to mention boredom and stress!

The price below are determined on the 400 Series Crates Size: 91/59/66 cm
from Frankfurt Germany to anywhere in the world - approximate puppy shipping rates
  1. China - 1,188 Euros
  2. Egypt - 1080 Euros
  3. Greece - 1080 Euros
  4. India - 1080 Euros
  5. Indonesia - 1080 Euros
  6. Iraq - 1,080 Euros
  7. Kuwait - 1,100 Euros (Kuwait city)
  8. Morocco - 1060 Euros
  9. Nigeria - 1080 Euros
  10. Pakistan - 1080 Euros (Peshawar)
  11. Philippines - 1,080 Euros
  12. Saudi Arabia - 1,1080 Euros (Riyadh)
  13. Singapore - 1,080 Euros
  14. Turkey - 1080 Euros
  15. United Arab Emirates (UAE) - 1180 Euros (Dubai)
  16. United Kingdom (UK) - 889 Euros (London)
  17. United States of America - $1,288.00 (Frankfurt to Denver - From Denver to Anywhere USA - Direct Flight Only)
  18. United States of America - 848 Euros (Frankfurt to Anywhere USA - Direct Flight Only)
  • Boarding: 12 Euros Per Day (Boarding puppy until the appropriate age for shipping to your country. Usually, we can ship at 8 to 10 week old without restrictions. The additional fees above will start at 10 weeks old.)
  • International Health Certificate: 128 Euros
  • Airport Delivery: 448 Euros (After the age of 10 weeks old).


from Denver, USA, anywhere in the world - approximate puppy shipping rates
  1. Africa - $2,400.00
  2. Argentina - $1,020.00
  3. Asia (China, India, Pakistan) - $2,400.00
  4. Australia - $2,400.00 (quarantine US, 2 titer test, international health certificate is additional as listed below)
  5. Brazil - $1,420.00
  6. Canada - $788.00
  7. Caribbean Islands - $988.00 (This is an approximate price. Preferred connection in FL.)
  8. Chile - $1020.00
  9. Columbia - $988.00
  10. Costa Rica - $948.00
  11. Europe - $2,400.00
  12. Mexico - $1,080.00
  13. Middel East - $2,400.00
  14. Nicaragua - $988.00
  15. Venezuela - $1,020.00
  • Boarding and Puppy Care (imprinting and socialization): $25,00 per day - this fee will be assessed after the puppy is 10 weeks old.
  • Boarding puppy until the appropriate age for shipping to your country. Usually, we can ship at 8 to 10 week old without restrictions.
  • Titer Test are: $188.00
  • International Health Certificate are $118.00


German shepherd breeders
travel crate size Crate size 300, 400, 500 or 700 series)
300/400/500 and 700 SERIES, NEW Professional Heavy Duty Airline recommended travel crates: We only use "NEW" travel kennels (crate) not used. This assures us that the puppy is in healthy, safe, new clean bacteria free travel environment without old unpleasant, unsafe and distracting odors from previous dogs in used crates. A 300/400 "Professional Heavy Duty" (large) crate size for puppies is very comfortable for the puppy for a pleasant flight.
All animal kennels must meet government regulations
All animal kennels must meet government regulations for acceptable kennel size and type. All kennels must be capable of loading upright in the aircraft bin as required by the Animal Welfare Act and the International Air Transport Association Live Animal Regulations.
  • Be constructed out of rigid plastic, wood, metal, or material of comparable strength with solid roofs. No cardboard kennels.
  • Have removable wheels, if kennel comes with wheels.
  • Have functional handles on the kennel's exterior to prevent tilting and any direct contact with the animals.
  • Close securely, but not lock, allowing personnel to open it in case of emergency.
  • Have labels with the words "Live Animal" in letters at least 1-inch tall on the crate's top and on at least one side.
  • Have upright arrow labels indicating kennel's correct position—Delta Air Logistics can provide these labels.
  • Contain some type of bedding, either shredded paper or towels, to absorb any "accidents."
  • Contain two dishes—one for food and one for water—attached to the inside of the kennel door. They must be easily accessible to agents without opening the kennel door.
  • Display feeding instructions and food, if applicable. These instructions should be affixed to the top of the kennel, along with shipper and consignee information.
live animal check list
When we check in your pet, we will complete a live animal checklist. We will be confirming that the pet has been offered food and water within four hours of check-in. On the checklist we must also give feeding and watering instructions for a 24-hour period. If in-transit feeding is necessary, we will provide food attached to the crate.
acclimation certificate for cold/hot weather restriction
If your pet is traveling during winter months and is accustomed to low temperatures, you may be able to facilitate the journey by obtaining two copies of an acclimation certificate from your veterinarian. USDA regulations require that this certificate be issued no more than ten days before departure.
  • The acclimation certificate must contain (PLEASE VIEW BELOW)
  • The shipper's name and address.
  • Any tag numbers or tattoos assigned to the animal.
  • A statement that the animal is acclimated to temperatures lower than 45 degrees F.
  • The lowest temperature to which the animal may be exposed.
  • The length of time for which the animal may be exposed to low temperatures.
  • The signature of the veterinarian.
  • The date of the certificate
year round weather restrictions
We will not ship any animal during extreme weather, when the temperature is forecast to exceed 85 degrees F or if the temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit at any point in the animals trip with the exception of Anchorage, Alaska. Most Airlines will accept animals as checked baggage at temperatures below 45 degrees provided the passenger has a temperature acclimation statement signed by a licensed veterinarian.
Health Certificate - United States department of agriculture
Health certificate must be issued by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of transport. The certificate must contain:
  • The shipper's name and address.
  • Any tag numbers or tattoos assigned to the animal.
  • The age of the animal being shipped.
  • A statement that the animal is in good health.
  • A list of administered inoculations, when applicable.
  • The signature of the veterinarian.
  • The date of the certificate.
  • For clarification, please call your veterinarian, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) at 800-545-8732, or the Department of Agriculture of the state to which you are traveling.
Not all Airline Cargo providers are equal in service of quality. From Denver international airport we prefer to send with Continental, Frontier and United Airlines. These three airlines are excellent with LIVE animal transportation from Denver, clean professional cargo facilities, excellent in handling our precious cargo. An outstanding facilities with courteous and experience professional staff.
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